Red Korean Ginseng Extract-

Considered the most effective form of ginseng on the market, Korean red ginseng has health-promoting effects on the human body that range from enhancing the mind to stimulating the libido. As Korean soil is considered to be the ideal location for growing red ginseng, Korean red ginseng offers a rich variety of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Grown 100 percent organically, Korean red ginseng takes six years to mature in soil that requires a 10-year rest between planting seasons. For this reason, Korean red ginseng contains a high amount of active elements and is sold at a much higher price than ginseng that is grown elsewhere. However, since it contains three times the amount of ginsenosides and is grown without the use of dangerous pesticides, the health benefits that it offers make it well worth the cost.

Containing vitamins, amino acids, essential oils and natural enzymes, Korean red ginseng also boasts an unparalleled mineral content. Containing 42 natural minerals, Korean red ginseng offers a wide variety of beneficial nutrients to the body.

Korean red ginseng may be taken to combat weakness and add extra energy to an athletic performance. Ginsenosides, which are found in Korean red ginseng, are also valued for their ability to boost mental efficiency and relieve mental fatigue. Ginsenosides are believed to work as natural adaptogens in the body, meaning that they allow the body to adapt to stress in a natural manner. Korean red ginseng is said to work on the nervous system as a natural tranquilizer and is believed to boost metabolism function as well.

Increasing natural testosterone levels as well as blood flow to the penis, perhaps the most widely recognized effect of Korean red ginseng is its libido-enhancing effects on the male sex glands. As ginseng has also been found to stimulate oestrogen production in women, those who are in the early stages of menopause may benefit from supplementing their diet with Korean red ginseng.

It is believed to strengthen immunity due to its natural vitamin and mineral content and may be used as a natural detoxifier. Korean red ginseng reduces cortisol levels in the bloodstream, which is useful to diabetics, as cortisol interferes with insulin production.

As a high dosage of ginseng, it reduces blood pressure, Korean red ginseng may be especially beneficial for individuals with hypertension. Anti-inflammatory properties found in Korean red ginseng may be helpful for treating rheumatoid arthritis without the use of steroids.

Great nutrition begins with superfoods and the true benefits of those superfoods come from the native environments that have sustained them for thousands of years. From the geographical latitude, four distinct seasons, to the ideal soil conditions, these factors have made Korea the best and only suitable environment for Korean Red Ginseng in terms of both quantity and variety of active health components; hence demonstrating Korean Red Ginseng’s efficacy. Korean Red Ginseng is a highly delicate root that cannot grow anywhere else in the world! Its robustness and nutrient density are a direct result of its perfect growing conditions.


The Korean environment directly contributes to the diversity of the root’s powerful structure. With the power of the right mix, Korean Red Ginseng produces more than twice the variety of healthy components of other ginseng species! In addition, other ginseng species, such as American, Japanese, and Siberian ginseng, as well as cousins to Korean Red Ginseng, including Chinese ginseng, produce only half of the total quantity of healthy saponins that Korean Red Ginseng is able to provide to consumers.

In other words, Korean Red Ginseng is the most premium ginseng in the world. So you can imagine that every root is treated with detailed care and strict quality assurance guidelines to adhere to thousands of years of tradition, pride, and excellence

The recent all-natural, raw, clean eating frenzy sweeping across the western world is nothing new in Korea. In fact, consuming Korean Red Ginseng for wellness and better health has been an institution of culture for centuries. The popularity of Korean Red Ginseng is exponentially growing because consumers are just now learning about the very unique set of natural health benefits that other herbs simply cannot compete with. Here are some of the benefits of consuming Korean Red Ginseng:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Boosts energy and stamina
  • Fights fatigue
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Supports memory function
  • Improves Mood and Reduces Stress.
  • Improves Brain Function.
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Helps with Weight Loss.
  • Treats Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Improves Lung Function.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Prevents Cancer.