Have you ever wondered that a walnut looks just like a human brain?

Well according to ancient wisdom, it’s more than a coincidence. Considering one of the biggest benefits of walnuts nutrition is the ability to support your most important organ “the brain” walnuts have now been scientifically proven to be a true “brain food” and a leader among all of the nuts.

Walnuts can help improve your daily mood considering they contain one of the highest amounts of omega-3 fats of any nut.

In addition to the remarkable things that omega-3 foods can do for your mind, they’re also known to support

  • Improve Heart Health
  • fight heart disease by lowering triglyceride levels
  • reducing dangerous plaque formation in the arteries.
  • Help Fight Depression
  • Improve Brain Health and Preserve Memory
  • Can Help Prevent Cancer
  • Make a Filling Snack and Support Weight Loss
  • Improve Reproductive Health and Aid in Growth and Development
  • Great Way to Increase Children’s Omega-3s